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      Who we are

      Bright PR is a digital public relations agency specializing in global media outreach and news article publishing services. We’re a company founded by and for PR and marketing professionals.

      Many small and mid-sized digital marketing and PR agencies typically focus on the domestic market but rarely have the capabilities for cross-border article publishing. We do, with more than 1600 leading national and regional news outlets in developed and fast-developing countries.

      Who we work with

      We partner with (digital) PR, marketing, and SEO agencies worldwide. We also work with public relations and marketing executives of small, medium, and large enterprises.

      In a nutshell, we work with any organization, regardless of size, industry, or geography, that has a newsworthy story to tell or seeks to generate mass brand awareness, credibility, and trust through the use of digital PR. 

      Why partner with us?

      Whether you are a PR or marketing agency looking to extend your global digital PR capabilities, or an SEO company aiming to establish powerful backlinks to your clients' websites, Bright PR can help.

      Our digital PR services are better, faster, and more convenient and cost-efficient than those of any other agency in our industry. We provide our clients with global media outreach and article publishing capabilities that compete head on with some of the world's largest and leading PR firms. Even better, you do not need to sign a long-term agreement or pay ridiculously high monthly retainer fees to use our services.

      Bright PR lets you plan and execute geo-targeted digital PR campaigns with just a few clicks and at a fraction of the cost the leading global agencies will charge you.

      All you need to do is sign up and start publishing! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

      What sets us apart?

      Unrivaled access to 1600+ leading national and regional news outlets in ASIA-PACIFIC, AMERICAS, EUROPE, the UK, AFRICA, and the MIDDLE EAST
      Media outlets in more than 60 countries, providing geo-targeting for your digital PR campaigns
      On-demand service—no long-term commitment or agreement required
      Fair, affordable, and fully transparent media outreach and article publishing rates
      Entirely risk-free engagement. We provide a refund if we can't get your article published within the indicated turnaround time (TAT).

      Types of Articles

      Editorials and advertorials (stories*)
      News articles (stories*)
      Short feature articles (stories*)
      Opinion pieces
      Press releases 

      *Great PR is always story-driven. An editorial or feature article is much more effective than a press release, especially for brand-building purposes.

      Article requirements

      No grammatical or spelling errors
      Objective tone (except for opinion pieces)
      Article length: 500-1200 words
      Legally accurate and verifiable

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